The Pound, located at 1216 10th Avenue in Seattle, Capital Hill, is a vibrant artist community. The Pound has 14 working artists spaces including The Photocloset, a community black and white darkroom. The Pound is a 24-hour access building and has a foyer with track lighting for members to exhibit their work, throw a reception or invite a guest artist to display their work. Two or Three times a year the Pound hosts the Pound Open Studios where we invite the public to tour our studios where they can view our work, chat with the artists, pick up some cool artwork all while enjoying refreshments and snacks. Pound Members can sell their work and wares on the Pound Store online.

  1. Hotsy Totsy
  2. The Photocloset
  3. Secret Window
  4. Micah & Navé
  5. Parlor F Tattoo
  6. Canine Productions
  7. Kathleen Shannon
  8. How To Stop Time
  9. Hard L
  10. Debbie Faas & Shannon Romano DBA Shanzam Consulting
  11. Jana Brevick
  12. Pound Pictures
  13. Jeannine Powers
  14. Laura JeanCronin


Pound Printing

Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitties

Voodoo Kitty's

Now available for sale exclusively at The Pound website! Click here to visit the Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitty page.