Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitties
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Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitties
To send Positive Vibrations Energy to someone through the Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitty, simply attach something closely associated with the target to your Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitty. It can be a lock of hair, a fingernail clipping or a piece of fabric cut from the target’s favorite old sweat soaked shirt. Then start sending your positive energy vibrations and let the cat out of the bag!

Positive Vibration Voodoo Kitties are Hand Made in the USA.
Each Kitty is Hand Painted and is unique. No two Positive Vibration Voodoo Kitties are alike.
Cost: $30 + shipping and handling

Pick your Kittie:

Girl Kittie - Color: White: $30

Girl Kittie - Color: Black: $30

Boy Kittie - Color: White: $30

Boy Kittie - Color: Black: $30

You can add special instructions to your Positive Vibration Voodoo Kitty, such as a name, a special organ, specific colors for the organs or a special message. If ordering more than one kitty be sure to give clear indications which kitties get which Special Instructions. Special instructions may delay the shipping out date. Click here to email special instructions for your order.

Shipping Costs:

1-2 kitties = $6
3-6 kitties = $10

1-2 kitties = $15
3-6 kitties = $20

Free Ground Shipping on orders of 7 or more within the Continental USA

Points of Interest on your Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitty.

The Heart. The mythological center for love and other emotions. The center of life. The producer of vitality, bravery, compassion. So much work for one little organ to do, all while it pumps on average five liters of blood around the body every minute.

The Lungs. The mythological center for Freedom. Breath. Flow. Exchange. We are intimately connected to the our environment and to every other living creature on this planet. Every second the lungs take air from the environment and put air back into the space around us, the space we all share. We control our breath, or does our breath control us? Take a deep breath, breath into the part that needs healing, breath out.

The Stomach. The Recycling Center. It’s where everything goes after it’s been enjoyed by the lips, teeth, tongue, palate, taste buds, throat. The stomach uses, reuses and dispels.

The Kidneys. The little beans. You can lose one, but not both. They cleanse the life liquid, they take the poison, sacrifice themselves for all other parts.

The Liver. The Great Purifier. The liver restores energy, vitality to the system, selflessly purifies everything that passes through the blood. Because it does its job so well, without ever complaining, it tends to get overused and abused, sometimes until it is too late.

The Adrenal Glands. The Superhero. Whisks you out of the way of a speeding car, gets you up a tree before an attacking dog can take a limb. Makes you able to climb higher, jump farther and run faster in the face of danger. Fight off an attacker with super human strength. In addition to all that, this little gland spikes the sex drive.

The Sex Organs. Like all good plumbing, you just want it to work.