Pound Pictures and Oliwood Films, LLC Present:

Princess and Buddha
A sexy tale of desire and betrayal


Contact: Laura Jean Cronin, 206/323-0557


Director: Laura Jean Cronin
Laura Jean Cronin was born in the Bronx and raised in the Northwest. The move from the urban environment of her Jamaican relatives in the Bronx to rural Bainbridge Island gave her a potpourri of experiences from which to draw inspiration. She learned the art of filmmaking through an eclectic self fashioned education that includes a BFA in photography, painting and printmaking, a three year sojourn of studying art in Florence Italy, an MA in Italian Cinema, and a Ph.D. ABD in Film Studies at the University of Washington. She also founded the Pound Gallery, a venue for interdisciplinary art forms which often makes the “critics picks” in the local newspapers. She made her directorial debut with the short film, John Gill, which she also wrote, produced and edited, in 1999. Her second film, Block Party, 2001, screened at numerous international festivals in the United States and abroad. Block Party was chosen for "The Best of Girls' Shorts" Program for OUTFest's weekly screenings at the Village Theatre, and won an Audience Award at Seattle's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Her third short film, Leave It!, concerning a dog owner sentenced to dog obedience school, has played in numerous festivals world wide and has taken home top honors in Seattle and Berlin. She has recently finished her first feature length script, Princess and Buddha, a sexy tale of desire and betrayal, which she co-wrote with Cherilynn Brooks. Princess and Buddha is a winner of the Key West Indiefest and is one of the top ten finalist in the Washington State Screenplay Competition.

Starring: Guinevere Turner
Guinevere Turner started her film career in 1992 as writer, producer and star of GO FISH, which was executive produced by Christine Vachon and Tom Kalin and premiered in dramatic competition at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival. Turner’s next project was a role in Cheryl Dunye’s controversial WATERMELON WOMAN, which Alec Baldwin defended in his much-publicized fight to protect funding for the NEA.

Turner has appeared in films as diverse as Kevin Smith’s CHASING AMY and DOGMA, as well as in LATIN BOYSGO TO HELL and KISS ME, GUIDO. In 1995, she portrayed an American Dominatrix in PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED with BAFTA-winning director Stuart Urban. Her credits also include Scott King’s Treasure Island – which was honored for distinctive creative vision at 1999’s Sundance Film Festival.

Most recently, Turner appears in supporting roles in Wash Westmoreland’s THE FLUFFER and John Walsh's PIPE DREAM. She stars in the film STRAY DOGS, director Catherine Crouch's first feature, and is the voice of a doll in Rose Troche's upcoming feature THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS.

In addition to co-writing GO FISH with director Rose Troche, Turner collaborated with director Mary Harron on the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' AMERICAN PSYCHO, and in which Turner also had a role. She also collaborated with Harron on a script about pin-up legend Bettie Page, which is to be produced by Christine Vachon and directed by Harron.

She is currently a story editor and cast member on Showtime’s THE L WORD.

Introducing: Cherilynn Brooks
Cherilynn Brooks, actor, screenwriter, singer, and songwriter, trained at the Cornish College of the Arts. She has worked with the world renowned Larry Pisoni and appeared in his production of CIRCUS OF FOOLS in 1998. She also appeared in VIA SATELLITE, and KATYDIDS in 1997 and starred as Emily in the premiere production of FRIED RICE AND KETCHUP which has since been published in THE BOOK OF ESTROGENIUS, 2000. Cherilynn made her film debut on BLOCK PARTY as the rocker Beth. She also writes her own music. One of her songs, SLIVER, was chosen to be the end credit song for BLOCK PARTY. Cherilynn co-wrote LEAVE IT, and also plays the lead Character, Trish. Her vocals were put to use once again in the theme song for LEAVE IT, Come Over Here. Her current project is co-writer on the feature length script, PRINCESS AND BUDDHA, in which she is attached to play Billy, the charming, but destructive grunge girl. PRINCESS AND BUDDHA was well received at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival where she read the part for Billy.