Filmmakers Mary Jo Godges and Renee Sotile (Lesbian Fashion?) came into Palm Springs to see my picture in The Desert Sun, and to their surprise, when they came to appear on The Joey English Show, there I was! I first met Mary Jo years ago when she stopped me on the street when recognizing me as the host and producer of the TV show, Tinseltown's Queer!

Also joining us on the show was Deborah Vancelette, director and star of Blink. Wildly, if you look at pictures from the opening night photo gallery, you'll find one with Deborah (I hadn't met here yet...I was simply photographing a group of filmmakers), and the woman to her left is, well you guessed it, blinking!

Later that night, I screened Deborah's film (powerful!), and then hooked up with my good friend Viga Dean and we attended Girls Rock, a collection of short films with lesbian themes. Viga is not a lesbian, and I bet her boyfriend Russell is happy about that. However, she's looking fab in her Girl's Rock T-Shirt as an inmate here in the Paparazzi Prison.

Also, I was surprised to find that Breaking Up Really Sucks was in the line-up. I was IN that movie and hadn't seen it yet. There's a picture of the closing credits, in which they use Nick instead of Nicholas.

I loved the Girls Rock program more than the For The Boys, as I knew a ton of the women in the audience. I just love lesbians!

...Nicholas Snow

Photographer: Nicholas Snow
Date: August 11, 2002