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Free Parking" released on Indieflix!!
Now available for downloads and DVD sales.
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One Night
Allie, a socially awkward and somewhat misguided girl with questionable boundaries lands in a steamy pickup scene at a Ladies Night dance club. What follows is a recipe for tragic consequences. Welcome to One Night. Want to dance?
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Voodoo KittyNew!
Positive Vibrations Voodoo Kitties
Now available for sale exclusively at The Pound website!
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Pound Pictures is a full service film and video production company owned and operated by award-winning writer, director, editor, producer Laura Jean Cronin.

Pound Pictures produces short films and documentaries, and will soon embark on feature length narrative film.

Pound Pictures has the staff and facilities to help realize your project, large or small. We can document your event, shoot and edit a broadcast quality PSA or commercial, or edit together your home videos onto a DVD. We can create a "memory DVD": scan a collection of your photographs and place it to music of your choice on VHS or DVD.  Come to us with your ideas.

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Pound Pictures
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