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is a fully equipped, 24-hour access Black and White Darkroom with a Color Digital Workstation. The Photocloset Darkroom is centrally located in an active visual arts building in Seattle, Washington (The Pound Arts Building, 1216 Tenth Avenue, between Spring and Union Streets). The Photocloset Black and White Darkroom has been in operation in Seattle since 1994 and functions on a membership basis with a limit of 30 photographers at any one time. The Black and White Darkroom provides basic chemistry, use of multiple enlargers, print and film developing kits and storage space. The Photocloset also has a Color Digital Workstation with a iMac Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, Photoshop, Negative and Print Scanner and the Epson 7900 Archival Ink Jet Large Format Printer for widths up to 24” and lengths up to 96”.

PhotoclosetThe Photocloset Black and White Darkroom strives to provide its photographers with a creative working environment in which one can work freely without watching the clock as one is likely to do in a darkroom with hourly rates.  Photographers who are working with film and Black and White Photography are not in it for haste and the Photocloset offers the convenience of a laid back atmosphere where photographers can take their time. The Photocloset Darkroom is geared towards artists, professional photographers and hobbyists alike. The Photocloset encourages members to experiment with the medium and different techniques. The Black and White Darkroom maintains the very affordable access fee by not hiring monitors. The photographers at the Photocloset take responsibility for keeping the darkroom clean and accessible for everyone. A few times a year the photographers are invited to participate in the Pound Open Studios, an opportunity for recognition and to bring the artists of the Pound Building together as a community.

The $75/month darkroom membership fee affords each photographer the use of the print room Photoclosetwith three enlargers (two Beseler 23C and an Omega Pro), print kits for standard, medium and large format negatives, a negative loading/developing room, basic chemistry for developing film and paper, private lockers and a digital workstation with an iMac, Photoshop, Negative and Print Scanner, Cannon photo printer, internet access and the Epson 7900 Digital Printer for large format color printing. There is a two-month minimum and a $50 key deposit, adding up to a start up fee of $200.

For membership availability and information regarding the Photocloset Black and White Darkroom please contact us at: or call us at (206) 323-0557.

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